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On October 18th, 2014, with the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the World Crafts Council, we re-launch the World Handicrafts Day (WHD) movement and the international calendar of all craft-related events.


We welcome every institution and event organiser, craftsmen operating open workshops and presentations from every corner of the world to join the WHD annually, and contribute to the create a really global movement.

The date proposed by Iran in 2010 and accepted by the World Crafts Council affiliated to UNESCO, June 10th has been the feast of craftsmen only formally until now.

This events calendar constructed at the initiative of the Guild of Transylvanian Craftsmen a can become a genuine means for celebrating craftsmen only by your active contribution.

Only by joining our forces can we start a movement which calls the attention of people living in a consumer society upon the values carried by this branch in keeping our cultural identity, in education, tourism or economy. 

 The Guild of Transylvanian Craftsmen (Romania)  invite all the handicrafts-related agencies in the World, to celebrate this date.

Any institution, association, company or forum is welcome to register free of charge and upload their events throughout the year. The events organized for June 10th, World Handicrafts Day will be highlighted in the calendar on the official site: 

The basic language of the site shall be English; however presentations can be posted in any other language, adding the code of the given language before the text (e.g. HU…) and a short presentation in English. 

World Handicrafts Day 2016 in Brasov, Romania

For join to WHD please send a sort presentation to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

World Handicrafts Day: 10th June / One day annually for crafts-related events worldwide!

Are you an arts & crafts events organiser? Join to the World Handicrafts Day movement with your local, regional, national or international event for advertise!

Place your organisation on the world map for increase your visibility!

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